New Website

Hello all!

Just a quick update to advise that is going through a period of maintenance, where most of my resources will be temporarily unavailable.

I have moved the host of my website to a greener (and cheaper!) host, and have taken the opportunity to completely rebuild the site from the ground up, rather than just import it from my old host.

I hope that the new menu structure will make everything easier to navigate, the old site had grown quite a lot and become a bit unintuitive to navigate in the process. Now, site content is split into three categories:

  1. Guidance – This will be all the practical stuff, guides to going vegan, how to navigate food, clothes, cosmetics and household produces.
  2. Education – This will be where the bulk of the educational resources will be kept, including my FAQs, animal rights issues, human rights, environmental issues, arguments debunked, and a new section on resource use.
  3. Resources – This is where I’ll keep various reference materials, including my bank of sources, media, recommended reading and useful sites.

The getting started page, which functions the same was ‘Resources’ did on the old site, is still there if you want to link someone to a front-facing page containing all content, but you no longer have to navigate through this page to access everything. You can now just go to the area you want directly from the top menu bar.

I hope this makes it all a bit easier to use, but please let me know if you encounter any issues or you’d like to offer any feedback for future development.

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