Recipe: “Marry-Me” Butterbeans

A vegan take on marry-me chicken, this works so well with a lovely, creamy, cashew-based sauce.


1 can butterbeans
70g sun dried tomatoes (usually half a packet)
3 cloves garlic
1/2 red onion
Big handful of spinach
30g cashews
4tbsp nutritional yeast
Pinch of dried oregano
Pinch of dried thyme
150ml unsweetened plant milk


1) Finely chop onion, garlic and tomatoes. Keep tomatoes seperate.

2) Heat any neutral oil and fry garlic and onions on medium heat for about 5 mins.

3) Add sun dried tomatoes, oregano and thyme.

4) Let that simmer for a few minutes while you blitz together cashews, nooch and plant milk in a blender/processor until smooth.

5) Add the beans WITH the liquid from the can, mix well and cook for 2 mins.

6) Add cashew sauce and mix well, bring to simmer for 3-4 mins.

7) Add spinach and basil until the spinach wilts, you can add water if mixture is too thick.

Best served with bread, pasta or a side salad.

Source: @celinesveganeats on Tiktok – drop her a follow if you want to see more great vegan recipes like this one.

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